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Psalm 122

Glory Center Ministries International and it’s Israel project– “Bringing Up the Tribes” is committed to the destiny of Israel, the Jewish people and God’s people worldwide. This project connects America, Africa and the nations to Israel, the foundation of our Biblical heritage. GCMI meditates day and night on the word of God concerning the destiny of the Lord’s Body, the Church and Israel. The One New Man destiny found in Ephesians 2: 14-15 effects the Jew and Non Jew in the ultimate ingathering of all of God’s people in the earth unto the Lord. Our Specific focus is “Beta Israel”— the Ethiopian Jews, and the connection between African Americans, Africa and Israel, where some of the last (and lost) tribes of the earth are to be found in these end-times. GCMI hosts strategy tours to the Holy Land and continues to study and research the revelation of this end-time dynamic. GCMI understands that God has commanded all of the tribes of Israel to go up to make “Aliyah” or a return unto God and the Holy Land of Israel before Messiah’s return.