About Dr. Charlotte Phillips

Dr. Charlotte Phillips | Founder and Overseer of Glory Center Ministries International (GCMI)

Dr. Charlotte Phillips | Founder and Overseer of Glory Center Ministries International (GCMI)

Dr. Charlotte Phillips is the Founder and Overseer of Glory Center Ministries International (GCMI) and its growing fellowship of independent ministries, churches, and missionaries. GCMI is a multi-faceted, multi-cultural training ministry, presently represented and laboring in the United States and Canada, along with several international regions including, Africa, Europe, India, Israel and the Middle East.

Chosen by God to pioneer in the apostolic and prophetic anointing, Dr. Phillips is impacting many lives in this generation. Her direct calling as an apostle to the nations came more than a decade ago, after many years of “hidden” ministry service and training. In 1999, the Lord called her directly to work in his global vineyard and commissioned her life with Isaiah 49:6 and divinely imparted his faith to establish various works in the nations.

For almost 30 years, she has ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the United States and into 40 nations of the world.  She has released healing and deliverance to multitudes helping them discover their redemptive purpose in God. She is known as a reforming voice to this generation, releasing powerful, cutting-edge revelation and end-time strategy to the Church, church leadership, government officials and dignitaries both here and abroad. As a global intercessor, Dr. Phillips has shouldered many strategic-level prayer assignments, pulling together teams of global intercessors in many nations for the purposes of God.

Currently Dr. Phillips is assigned to raise up strategy forces in the global Body of Christ plowing in the apostolic and prophetic reformation.  The Lord has instituted in His church today.  Dr. Phillips understands the need for global prayer teams and missionary endeavors taking the revelation of the God’s glory to the nations of the world and facilitation would and global glory.  Targeting U.S., Israel, Africa to the uttermost parts of the world.

Dr. Phillips has appeared on Christian television and radio and she currently facilitates apostolic and prophetic.